About Nanami

Union creation LTD founder Eitan Zidkilov has been developing and producing jeans for the past 30 years. Specializing in Key areas of the industry, including washing, design and manufacturing allowed him to be on the top edge of the high-end jeans industry. Over the years the company developed, designed and manufacture some well known labels for other companies.  Having the chance to collaborate and do some serious development with some Japanese companies in the past introduced Eitan to the uncompromising quality and mentality of the Japanese people and their sense of aesthetic.

Eitan decided to develop Nanami Jeans. He hand picked a group of highly talented, brilliant, young creatives, and put that team together with his years of expertise, creating something unique.

“We felt free to state what we think is a little bit missing in this fast changing world of quick instant selfies and short pulsing doses of empty responses and likes. A roller coaster of dramatic highs and lows, being flooded by short but addictive doses of slogans‚Ķ”

At Nanami we wanted to take a half step back for a second and look it all over again. We believe that being a woman, sexy, strong and powerful but gentle and feminine at the same time is not a contradiction. It embraces one another. The result of all that was the creation of this line, which is an Art.

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